Asciidoctor reveal.js 4.1

New Features


You can use steps to highlight or incrementally reveal individual elements on a slide!

Here’s some cute cats!

cute-cat-laying cute-cat-yawning cute-cat-melting

You can declare the %step option on lists…​

  • α

  • β

  • γ

…​or on virtually any block like code blocks, tables, images or paragraphs





1. Just a title, nothing more.

The hail-and-rainbow protocol can be initiated at three levels:

  1. double[1]

  2. tertiary

  3. supermassive

A bold statement![2]

Another outrageous statement.[2]

1. The double hail-and-rainbow level makes my toes tingle.
2. Opinions are my own.

Data attributes

You can declare custom data attributes on virtually any blocks using AsciiDoc attributes prefixed by data-.
Here’s an example:

== Atom podium

. Protons

. Electrons

. Neutrons

Font Awesome

  • Version 5.13.0

  • Support icon sets (using set attribute)

    • Brand:

    • Solid:

    • Regular:

  • font-awesome-version attribute


  • Version 2.7.6

  • mathjaxdir attribute[1]

1. Configure MathJax location.

Built-in text alignments

Let’s go to the left!

Right in the middle

Now to the right!

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